Empowering users with ‘app based’ single-dealer platforms

In September, we covered Deutsche Bank’s new Autobahn ‘App market’, and how they are striving to make the complex simple.

The ‘app’ concept seems to be developing as a theme, and is covered more in an interesting article in today’s Financial News, (password required).

Some good comments from Serge Marston of Deutsche Bank and Thom Soede of BNP.

Serge Marston, Deutsche Bank

We’re bringing the entire weight of our intellectual property to Autobahn with the App Market, around the entire life cycle of a trade. Pre-trade services are where the next big battleground will be, with a focus on how we can differentiate ourselves from the other marketmakers

Tom Soede, BNP

It is building its new e-trading FX platform with fully customisable social-media driven functionality – including many pre-trade analytics tools – already built in.  The bank has already developed 30 to 40 trading widgets. “Client journeys” – allowing clients to follow their trade for its entire life cycle from idea through to settlement – are fully portable, synced between traditional web portal and mobile channels such as the iPad

We are seeing strong ideas expressed here:

Value of UX: The first, is the strong emphasis on UX, and the user journey. synthesizing user requirements and workflows to deliver a compelling UX experience. What is really encouraging, and as previously mentioned, is that an increasing number of banks now recognise the value of UX, and are developing their own in-house competence.

Widget Based platform: The second involves breaking down the huge silo warehouses of data and analytics within the bank, to enable clients to seamlessly combine data and analytic ‘widgets’ to build their own SDP.

Collaborative/Social Media: Empowering users to leverage and seamlessly combine the bank’s own assets and analytic tools from above, with external collaborative tools such as twitter and other social media.

Move to mobile: The concept of ubiquitous deployment, build on the desktop, synched to ipad. It’s the age of the iSDP.

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