UX re-design for RBSMarketplace SDP

It’s great to see another Tier1 bank overhaul their Single Dealer Platform (SDP). This time it’s RBS, who have redesigned their highly successful RBSMarketplace platform, which is powered by Caplin Technology.

You can see video overviews here.

The app (which I think is Java WebStart), consists of a suite of ‘montages’, or ‘themes’ accessed via a central ‘toolbar ribbon’, designed to make access faster, easier and more initiative for users across the entire trade life-cycle.

In Empowering users with ‘app based’ SDP, I discussed how banks are embracing UX design to create a more ‘user centric design experience’, with the user and their workflow needs at the centre of the SDP.

It’s also great to see RBS is among the growing number of leading banks that are developing their own in-house UX competence, which is a theme I covered recently in Top banks hiring UX designers for Single-Dealer Platform projects

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