BNP single dealer platform CORTEX FX – now released!

BNP Paribas has now officially released their new ‘Silverlight’ single dealer platform CORTEX FX.

The microsite offers plenty of video’s and insight into the platform, with key features being:

The platform, built internally over some 15mths, is targeted at broad range of clients, from institutions, hedge funds and real money clients through to mid-cap corporates. Well thought through access to features, centered around the user, and access to features via the trade tiles and blottersĀ  – the UX design effort shows, well done!

FX click to trade
Streaming spot, Fwds and swaps
Shows the spread, rather than make you calculate it – nice touch
Liquidity Ladders
Nice sliding tenor selector easy to use

Sophisticated Pricing engine
BNP have invested in upgrading their pricing engine capabilities to ensure more consistent pricing in volatile markets.

FX Orders
I like the order entry price sliders accessed directly from trade tiles for quick entry of take profit and stop levels.
Full order ticket pull out from trade tile for greater order functionality
Orders can be managed directly from blotters with rich order management capabilities
Create order strategies with a strategy builder

FX Options
Comprehensive range of Options available (plain vanilla and exotic)
Option Strategy builder
Full streaming and delta hedging capabilities
Dedicated Options Blotter

Nice rolling trade tiles to show NDF curr pairs
RFS rate with forward fixing dates.

Dedicated blotters to manage orders, trades, options directly from the blotter
Search and filtering of all blotter entries

News, research and market colour.

Algorithms coming soon
These will be rolled out soon, to enhance execution quality for sophisticated clients

Caplin covered this a while back here, Further coverage from FinExtra here, Profit-Loss here, FX Week here and RFP here

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