Top banks hiring UX designers for Single-Dealer Platform projects

A quick search using LinkedIn, shows that most top-tier banks have over the past year employed a dedicated Head of UX Design, or User Experience recourse, primarily focused on enhancing the ‘user centric design experience’ of their Single Dealer Platforms.

These banks understand that building a world-class SDP requires far more than ‘just’ a robust execution capability.

Great UX design is about truly understanding your client, and for each client segment you serve, designing a naturally intuitive user experience that seamlessly integrates compelling workflows throughout the pre-trade, trade and post trade life-cycle.

Whilst not all e-commerce teams can justify a dedicated UX resource,

no SDP e-trading project should start without UX design input.

It’s therefore really encouraging to see the value our clients place on the UX design service we provide as part of all our SDP projects. Ensuring that the ‘voice of the user’ is not only heard, but that the end user’s workflow requirements are actually at the heart of all our e-commerce engagements.

In future posts, Duncan Brown, Head of Caplin UX Design Practice, will take us through some recent example work, and explain the UX design criteria behind the design.

Here is the first of them: FX sales traders have all the fun!

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