The top ten posts of 2011 on

Here are the top ten posts (by number of hits) from 2011:

1. Devin Wenig, CEO of Reuters Markets Division, leaves the company

More changes at the top for Thompson Reuters. He is leaving less than a month after the appointment of Shanker Ramamurthy was joined on 20th June as President of Sales and Trading, Markets division and was for a whole month reporting to Devin. More…

2. EuroMoney FX survey 2010 results – some thoughts

EuroMoney has just released the results of the 2010 FX Survey (sorry it’s subscription based).

2010 FX Share Top 10 ranking (2009)

1. Deutsche Bank (1)
2. UBS (2)
3. Barclays Capital (3)


3. Empowering users with ‘app based’ single-dealer platforms

In September, we covered Deutsche Bank’s new Autobahn ‘App market’, and how they are striving to make the complex simple. More….

4. Single Dealer Platforms: Native or Browser-based Mobile Apps?

Mobile services is one of the hottest places in the single dealer platform arena right now as tier 1 investment banks chase the retail banks and online brokerages by providing corporate and institutional mobile offerings. More….

5. Will NDFs be required to trade on SEFs under Dodd Frank?

What will happen with NDFs?

As I mentioned in my last post, non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) will be subject to Dodd Frank regulations here. This means, they will be subject to central clearing, and trade reporting. But, that being the case, the question is: More…

6. UX re-design for RBSMarketplace SDP

It’s great to see another Tier1 bank overhaul their Single Dealer Platform (SDP). This time it’s RBS, who have redesigned their highly successful RBSMarketplace platform, which is powered by Caplin Technology.


7. Don’t forget it’s people that build FX Pricing Engines

We have talked about the ‘Flow Giants’ that dominate the top positions of the EuroMoney FX rankings, with the ‘Mighty’ Deutsche Bank seemingly fixed forever in pole position, with the usual ‘contenders’ BarCap, UBS and Citi jockeying for the next three places. More…

8. Single Dealer Platforms as SEF aggregators? Yes – but Multi Dealer Platforms don’t like the idea

It’s long been understood by banks, that in addition to significant membership costs and transaction fees incurred by banks when dealing with clients on Multi Dealer Platforms (MDPs), that the multi-bank nature of the platform, also reduces the bank’s value proposition to one of ‘simply’ competing on price alone. More…

9.  New bill may restore sanity to SEF regulations

Just noticed this announcement:

Chairman of Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets Scott Garrett, is introducing a bill (H.R. 2586) “the Swap Execution Facility Clarification Act”, which will require the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and… More…

10. Quick look at what a SEF compliant IRS platform look like

Whilst we wait, and wait for final SEF rulings, it’s interesting to take a quick look at what’s being developed as exchanges and SEF compliant platform for interest rate swaps. More…

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