And another new FX platform launched – MoltenMarkets

Profit&Loss is reporting that Simon Wilson-Taylor (of StateStreet Global Link), is launching a new “best of breed financial marketplaces to the investment management world” called MoltenMarkets

The platform comes after recent announcements of traFXPure (using Trad-X from Tradition) and the Multi-Bank FX utility FXSpotStream (using smartTrade).

Molten Markets, which is built using technology provided by First Derivatives, will focus on three core offerings:

MoltenFX is a high performance FX ECN which aims to be the leading online FX marketplace for high-frequency trading and transactional traders alike, offering faster round-trip execution, complete transparency of pricing and no hidden charges, serving banks, hedge funds and the active trading needs of asset managers and corporates

InstiFX is a dedicated product designed to meet the sophisticated pre-trade operational and analytical needs of fund managers when trading FX. Serves both the traditional long-only market and larger hedge funds who have complex operational requirements

CustodyFX is designed to work with the custodian to better automate their execution process and provide a degree of transparency to their clients that has not been offered before. At the same time, CustodyFX is also better able to recognize the actual costs of trading away from the custodian, ensuring that the custodian is appropriately rewarded for their process and their operational risks. This product is available today.

MoltenFX ECN

Full story from Profit & Loss here

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