Yet another new FX Platform Launch – TulletPrebon & Integral (tpSPOTDEAL)

Another week, and another new FX Platform launch, as TullettPrebon & Integral teaming up to launch tpSPOTDEAL

I make this 5 in the two months, although I am sure EuroMoneyFX who counted 8 are correct – perhaps I need a real-time FX platform announcement aggregation service!

Previous coverage on these platforms: FastMatch, MoltenMarkets, traFXPure, FXSpotStream. We still have three weeks of July left, so plenty of time to squeeze another couple of platform launces out before the summer.

So, what’s tpSPOTDEAL offering?

Well the PR says:

Simple, straight forward, reliable execution and will offer anonymous trading with a prime broker as Central Counterparty for all trades.

and as James Potter, MD of Treasury at Tullett Prebon says:

access to the platform will be free for the end user

Here is my list of major new Platform announcments

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