Thomson Reuters FX vols for Oct 2014: Down 10.4pct at $373bln/day

Thomson Reuters has released Oct 14 volumes for their FX platforms, which show an overall -10.4% drop in volumes, with Spot FX down a smaller -6.4%, in contrast to the strong performance from EBS last week which showed a healthy +10.2% gain in the same period.

Detailed volumes for the main platforms are now as follows:

Reuters total: $373.7bn/day in Oct, down -10.4% on Sept, although still up 21.4% compared to Oct 13 level of $307.9bn/day.

Reuters Spot: $134.8bn/day in Sept, down -6.4% on Sept, although still up 23.6% compared to Opt 13 level of $109.1bn/day.

EBS $129.9bn/day in Oct14, up +10.2% on Sept, and up +68.7% compared to Oct13 level of $77bln/day

Hotspot: $33.3bn/day in Oct14t, down -10.3% on Sept, and up +15.5% compared to Oct13 level of $29.7bln/day

According to Phil Weisberg, global head of FX at Thomson Reuters:

“We’ve been hard at work all year improving the capabilities we offer clients and have expanded our client footprint considerably as a result.

That means when times are volatile, we are in a position to help an ever-expanding group of clients across multiple segments and geographies meet their overall FX Trading requirements in a variety of instruments which has resulted in the steady growth of Thomson Reuters in the FX space.”

Although, as can be seen from the chart below, EBS spot volumes are now almost level again with Reuters Spot FX, the last time the exceeded Reuters being in Feb 2013 (see the red circles). The recent EBS success is I am sure due in part by the strong performance of EBSDirect, their new FX relationship offering.

Reuters, EBS & Hotspot Oct 14Reuters, EBS and Hotspot FX volumes Oct 14

2 Responses

  1. would be great if you could also include CME volumes too..

  2. Hi Niro

    Yes, I had looked at doing that but the CME published data is on contracts not $mln’s notional, and there are many contract so is extremely time consuming to work out the total daily notional traded. I may take another look and see if I can find a better source of $ vols for CME.
    Thanks for your feedback,



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