CLS FX volumes barely changed in May $4.82trn/day

Data from CLS for May 2014 shows a 0.65% rise in the value of FX trades submitted to CLS for settlement at $4.82trn/day up from April’s figure of $4.79trn/day, which was the lowest since Aug 13.

CLS value of instructions submitted: $4.820trn/day, up 0.65% on the $4.79trn/day in Apr 2014, and some 1% lower than the May 2013 level of $4.87trn/day.

CLS number of instructions submitted: 977,460, was down 0.6% on the 983,850 in Apr 2014, and still some -26.5% down compared to May 2013 level of 1,329.316.


CLS May 14

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