Readership of blog at all time high – thank you!

This blog focuses on providing unique comment, views, insight and thought leadership into the rapidly evolving single dealer platform space.

We look at how, emerging technologies, changing regulatory regimes, global and regional central bank FX surveys, business and economic trends, and of course UX design all impact SDPs and their ability to continue to deliver value to clients. Although, we don’t disclose details of client projects ‘in flight’, we do provide many examples of real-world problems we help our clients solve.

It’s clearly working, as our readership has been steadily rising over the past two years, and is now at a new all time high! The quality of the readership is also impressive, including: Global Heads of Sales, Trading, eCommerce, ePricing and UX Design, plus Principals from Financial Consultancies, news services and other financial publications.

We also continue to see our posts being picked up by other blogs, both in this space, as well as in the clearing and regulatory space. It’s always nice when other blog’s mention our posts, either re-posting them, or adding to them, and mentioning us as the source, especially where it’s a point of view, or a thought leadership piece.

I always name my source, when re-posting, or lifting ‘stuff’ from Trade journals (FXWeek, P&L, EuroMoney etc) or from other excellent blogs such as StreetWise Professor, Kevin on the Street, The OTC Space, and recently LeapRate.

So, a big THANK YOU, to all those who read this blog!

For instance, today I posted on: Bloomberg, HSBC and Saxo. A quick glance at ‘Tales ‘, will show that he subsequently posted on Bloomberg, Saxo and then HSBC.  Although not mentioned, we were clearly the source for the HSBC post regarding the name of their new single dealer platform “Get Rate”, which I found ‘buried’ on page 53 of the HSBC annual report, plus my references to investor day presentations, all reposted on Tales!

What is that they say about “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”?

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention 😉

  2. Reblogged this on The OTC Space and commented:
    My site gets a mention on the post above – check out SDP site, useful info about electronic platforms and SEFs / OTFs.

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