Another Reuters CEP announcement!

Like buses, nothing, then all of a sudden…. two at once (well nearly)!

Two days after Reuters announced the release of a hosted CEP aggregation service for FX, they follow that up today by announcing they have integrated StreamBase into their new Elektron platform.

The StreamBase CEP technology will be offered as a component within the Enterprise platform for Velocity Analytics to create an end-to-end quant system for back testing, algorithmic development and deployment. It will also complement the existing Thomson Reuters Dealing Aggregator FX trading offering by providing CEP capability in tandem with the low latency algo trading platform.

My thoughts:

Amongst other things, a successful eFX capability requires banks to access multiple sources of reliable and continues liquidity, package and stream that liquidity to clients, and either internalise, or auto-hedge out to the market some of the resultant trades.

CEP solutions play a vital role in managing the liquidity aggregation and price formation process, and in the internalisation and/or smart order routing/auto-hedging of resultant trades.

Smaller (often regional) banks with ambitions to leverage CEP capabilities, but who don’t want a single vendor FX platform, are increasingly looking for tighter ‘out of the box’ integration between CEP pricing solutions, and their web distribution and front end RIA client distribution solutions.

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