Tablets and HTML5 web trading apps

With the launch last week of a slew of products from Microsoft including Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and the Surface tablet, my colleague Steven South posted (on Caplin’s Platformability technical blog) what could be the start of an interesting discussion about the relevance of these announcements to HTML5 web trading apps.

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How should you approach building an SDP?

When you decide to build a single-dealer platform (SDP) there are a number of things you must consider, and some decisions you need to make very early on.

The first thing to consider is whether you’ve got the entire supporting infrastructure in place already or not. While an SDP is clearly a piece of technology that sits inside the bank’s internal infrastructure, it doesn’t usually replace any underlying trading, pricing or permissioning systems that you currently use to trade. These systems will already provide trading functionality and connect with your middle and back offices for risk management, reconciliation, clearing and settlement. An SDP sits on top of these systems and manages the presentation of their functionality to the end-user via the Internet and some form of local application, usually a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

You need to decide how much you’re going to build yourself, and how much you can buy ready-built. Clearly SDP’s don’t just work “out of the box”. If that’s what you’re looking for – an out of the box solution with little differentiation from your competitors – you could simply white-label a complete system, such as those from the multi-dealer portals.

But let’s assume you are looking for your own, differentiated channel to market – something that demonstrates things like your depth of expertise in a part of the market, or your knowledge of the issues and situation of their local geography, or both. This might include workflow-driven execution, using relevant news, pre-trade analysis, market analytics, indices and products other than the main asset class for which the SDP may initially be being built. It might include unique products, or innovative customer-focussed tools that drive clients to your platform and keep them there. This is the interesting stuff – your value add.

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Single-Dealer Platforms: In depth coverage in e-Forex magazine

The July 2010 edition of e-FOREX magazine includes an excellent article “Special FX – building a new breed of trade execution platforms” – this touches on a whole variety of areas including multi-asset trading, increasing product complexity, connectivity and STP issues, whether lower latency is relevant or even achievable, the change in the relative use of multi-dealer and single-dealer platforms and the adoption of Web technologies and rich internet applications (RIAs) in single-dealer platforms.

All in eight pages – a really good read.

If you have a print copy of e-FOREX then turn to page 112 (page 114 of the digital edition and page 59 of the full PDF edition) and you’ll find that journalist Nicholas Pratt has encouraged Continue reading