An engaging User Experience (UX) is more than skin deep

photo by ratterrell on Flickr

Here’s an interesting article on TABBForum:
Show me some skin

It’s great to see the attention product and information design is getting at the moment. At Caplin we blend these skills with interaction design and many others into our UX design practice for Single-Dealer Platforms.

Whilst the GUI is often seen AS the product, you have to consider the unseen design research and development that goes into producing a truly engaging user experience.

Really great GUI is not cosmetic gewgaw. Really great GUI facilitates interaction flow and engages users in an experience that’s more than skin deep.

The UX trinity behind loyalty-building customer experiences

I’ve just read an interesting post on Finextra: Financial services CIOs not spending enough time on customer-facing innovation.

Jeff Hesse, MD, financial services, Diamond, says: “Technology can be the engine behind increased profits, loyalty-building customer experiences, and the ability to navigate today’s dynamic regulatory environment.”

For me building customer loyalty is all about creating an engaging UX (User Experience) and cultivating trust, especially the latter within financial services.

But you can’t just base innovation on hunches or subjective opinions and pull a loyalty building bunny out of the magic UX hat.

Discovering what real customers want from our solutions is at the foundation of our innovation process. Uncovering their goals and motivations is achieved through contextual studies – this is true for both internal and external buy-side customers.

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