Spending on Single Dealer Platforms

I recently attended an FX conference hoping to hear a spirited panel debate on the future of ‘Single Dealer Platforms (SDPs)’. I was therefore somewhat surprised to hear the chair suggest that the future was actually through multi dealer platforms (MDPs) – his plan worked, as the debate was pretty poor until that point, and certainly livened up after that!

Being in the audience and not on the panel, I bit my tongue as long as I could, in order to allow the panelists their ‘sponsored air time’ (one bank, one MDP, and two others).

But in the end, I had to raise my hand and proceed to explain why (in my opinion) that was not the case, and that volumes traded through single dealer platforms were running at twice the levels traded via the multi dealer platforms (see my previous blog on eFX volumes Single dealer vs multi dealer).

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