Comet Servers for a Single-Dealer Platform (SDP)

There is a lot more to a Single-Dealer Platform than just a Comet Server, but it is still a key component and often one of the components bought in rather than developed in house. At Caplin we have dedicated much of our time to building what we believe is the Comet server that offers the best performance and feature set on top for building a SDP. Hopefully this post will explain why we believe this, and where you might have more work to do with the other products.

A Comet server allows an SDP to deliver prices and manage trading between a backend system and a browser client – although many will support other clients too. These days there are a number of choices for a Comet server, and more of them are realising that financial data is a great use case and targeting effort in that direction.


If you are choosing a Comet server for an SDP there are a number of questions you should be asking that will have a big impact on the amount of integration and other work you will have to do.
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