Deutsche on ‘exceeding’ corporate customer expectations in a ‘Facebook world’

Just found this interesting presentation from Colin Digby (now Dir, FX at BarCap), from when he was Head of Treasury Solutions, Deutsche (it’s from late 2010, but highly relevant).

The challenges banks face in upgrading commercial bank portals to meet (let alone exceed) corporate customer expectations in a Facebook World.

Table above showing average IT spend as Pct of revenue of the top 5 commercial banks compared to the likes Amazon, Google and Yahoo.

What are the takeaways? Focus on the user, offer personalization, collaboration, intuitive navigation, real-time ‘everything’ transactions, strong pre and post trade offerings, and access to liquidity on demand.

For Deutsche Bank, this is the focus for their new Autobahn Apps

Presentation here

Who were the UX designers behind Morgan Stanley’s Matrix platform?

It’s been nearly three years since Morgan Stanley first launched their ‘game changing’ (in cost, team size and scope) Matrix single dealer platform.

Although Caplin weren’t involved in the project, it’s interesting nonetheless to understand who were the User eXperience (UX) design consultants behind the innovative platforms vision – as distinct from the technical delivery and build team consultants.

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Innovation Takes Creativity (and Commitment)

Over on TabbForum Paul Rowady, a senior analyst at TABB Group talks about the people behind innovation and how a new role – new for capital markets anyway – is emerging. The creative director.

TabbForum – innovation-takes-creativity (requires a TabbForum account)

This is a great development and can only be a good thing… Speaking as a creative within the capital markets 🙂

But based on my experience I would say that the fertile ground for design innovation needs to exist within the organisation already otherwise planting a creative person in a corporate desert will not bear any innovative fruit.

The various planes needed for successful interactive product design. From: Jesse James Garret, The Elements of User Experience (an old book and image but still easy to relate to and understand).

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RBC new single dealer platform DirectExecution (RBCDX)

RBC is rolling out their new single dealer platform, ‘RBC DirectExecution’ (RBCDX), aimed at their corporate and real-money institutional clients.

The platform, commissioned over three years ago has Continue reading

Bret Victor uncovers the evils of interaction design

Over on Coding the Markets there is an interesting discussion around Bret Victor and his treatise on UI design ‘Magic Ink‘ from (2006) where he uncovers the evils of interaction design

Also if you haven’t seen this more recent video from Bret – you should:

In fact we liked the video so much we ran it as a Techtalk within Caplin 🙂

More on this topic is available on Caplin’s technology focused blog Platformability

Bloomberg gets UX makeover with Bloomberg NEXT

Mike Bloomberg established Bloomberg LP in 1981, and has spent the past 30yrs adding value to the Bloomberg Professional, which has become the traders ‘terminal of choice’.

However, it’s now undergoing a major UX makeover. Continue reading

Peer group recognition of Caplin’s UX design process

Regular readers to this blog will know that at Caplin we place great emphasis on the UX discovery and design process in the delivery of the vision for a successful single dealer platform project.

Last night Caplin’s UX Practice held open house to Continue reading