Peer group recognition of Caplin’s UX design process

Regular readers to this blog will know that at Caplin we place great emphasis on the UX discovery and design process in the delivery of the vision for a successful single dealer platform project.

Last night Caplin’s UX Practice held open house to Continue reading

Caplin Poll: What’s the greatest challenge in building a Single Dealer Platform?

I thought it would be interesting to explore through a poll, the greatest challenges firms face in delivering an SDP project.

The poll, will be on the blog home page for a one month period, and below is some background on the questions: Continue reading

What is ‘The Vision’ for a single dealer platform, and who should own it?

As you would expect at Caplin, we closely track the evolving Single Dealer Platform (SDP) market. Who is building an SDP, what front end technology has been selected, across which asset classes, and for which client segments etc.

Almost without exception all tier 1 and increasingly the majority of tier 2 banks have over the past couple of years, either completely overhauled their existing SDPs, or in a number of cases, built new SDPs from scratch.

But what’s the vision that drives an SDP project, and who does, or should own it? Continue reading

UX & social media in futures and options

While the discussion around trading decisions based on social media sentiment continues:

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Credit Suisse upgrades USTs platform ONYX to 2way executable streaming rates

Credit Suisse recently upgraded their single dealer platform suite of client offerings under the new umbrella name of Credit Suisse PLUS, covering: execution (including PrimeTrade, AEX, Merlin and Onyx), analytics and research tools.

This latest upgrade delivers 2way executable streaming USTs to their Onyx platform here.

Onyx Streaming is a dynamic new tool for traders looking for quick, decisive transactions. With Streaming, clients choose from a range of maturities, enter a size, and instantaneously see an executable two-sided market over Credit Suisse’s award-wining PrimeTrade platform. Continue reading

CitiVelocity 2.0 (Excellent UX design)

Earlier this week, in optimising single dealer platforms, I made reference to the latest version of Citi’s hugely successful  CitiVelocity 2.0 platform, which is built on Caplin’s technology.

Below is a screen shot of the platform, taken from FX-MM. It’s really elegant, with a clear compact design.

According to Anil Prasad, Citi’s Global Head of Foreign Exchange, Velocity2.0 is designed for Citi’s wholesale and institutional clients, and will be available to 100,000 Citi clients.

It looks great, and is clearly packed with business functionality, and is capable of delivering deep liquidity, with minimal latency, on a truly massive scale.

CitiVelocity 2.0 (showing FX options strategies and analytics)
A definite winner!

Is Considering UX Design Revolutionary?

I have been involved in a number of projects with our UX team recently & have been pleasantly surprised at the insights that they produce.

In one case the bank had already built a substantial list of requirements. We began our engagement, as we always do, with UX research – and the team not only indentified a bunch of end-user requirements that were about the way *they* preferred the interaction but also recommended several unique pieces of functionality which the end-users would really value – likely to make the resulting single-dealer platform (1) unique for the bank, (2) more useful and therefore (3) more likely to retain the bank’s customers.

Not only that, but by building a design for the user interaction before starting to write code, the whole development process was massively accelerated.

Only a handful of years ago few people had heard of user experience design, today it’s become the essential first step in building a new web trading application. Putting the users’ needs first – now that IS a revolution.

UX: Exposing the value of design research

At Caplin we don’t take a single path through design research. Like magpies we pick shiny data from multiple sources creating a rich medley of material used to build a colourful picture of the customer and their needs that brings them to life.

Occasionally we still find we have to justify the value that can be gained by undertaking contextual research and customer interviews

Here is a simple example from a recent contextual study I (Head of User Experience at Caplin) undertook in South Africa:

After a hair-raising car ride to the company’s office, we settled down to business with the group corporate treasurer and got the contextual study started.

Lorries and transporters wait to unload at the distribution hub and in jostling for position in the queue they end up taking over the whole road

Halfway through the interview the subject pointed to a white board and mentioned how he used it to keep track of his orders (as the current system has no way of tracking his orders and rates) the participant didn’t see any special significance to the board as it was just the way he worked. Continue reading

UX re-design for RBSMarketplace SDP

It’s great to see another Tier1 bank overhaul their Single Dealer Platform (SDP). This time it’s RBS, who have redesigned their highly successful RBSMarketplace platform, which is powered by Caplin Technology.

You can see video overviews here.

The app (which I think is Java WebStart), consists of a suite of ‘montages’, or ‘themes’ accessed via a central ‘toolbar ribbon’, designed to make access faster, easier and more initiative for users across the entire trade life-cycle.

In Empowering users with ‘app based’ SDP, I discussed how banks are embracing UX design to create a more ‘user centric design experience’, with the user and their workflow needs at the centre of the SDP.

It’s also great to see RBS is among the growing number of leading banks that are developing their own in-house UX competence, which is a theme I covered recently in Top banks hiring UX designers for Single-Dealer Platform projects

FXWeek Best Bank awards – some thoughts

FXWeek today released the results of their 2011 FX Week Best Bank Awards (password required).

Summary of top 11 FXWeek ranking contrasted with the EuroMoney FX Poll ranking here.

It’s almost no longer a surprise to see the ‘Mighty’ Deutsche Bank retaining poll position. But of course, we know it takes huge committment, focus and deep expertise and understanding of the complexities of FX Continue reading