JPMorgan consolidates platforms into new single offering

In keeping with the drive to consolidate platforms, JP Morgan this week soft launched their new JPMorgan Markets platform.

The platform, will by the end of the year provide seamless integration to over 30 multiple back-end systems spanning FX, rates and commodities, taking users from pre-trade analytics, through trade execution (both from JP, and external venues), to post trade processing and clearing.

According to Peter Cherasia, Global head of Market Strategies: Continue reading

The ‘Hybrid-model’ for Single-Dealer Platforms

Here at Caplin we are seeing an increasing number of regional (tier 2 and 3) banks embarking on new SDP projects.

Unlike the top-tier banks, the regional banks typically don’t have the in-house development skills, resources or budgets, and more importantly they have no desire to build a complete Single-Dealer Platform from scratch. What they are looking for is a hybrid-model, which interestingly, over on Tabb Forum SmartTrade talk about a very similar ‘hybrid model’.

This hybrid model works well for banks looking to deliver an SDP project based on: Continue reading

SDP talent on the move – Saxo => Nordea

Nice coverage yesterday in EuroMoney FXNews of Nordea hires Saxo ‘star’ to redevelop FX platform  as Henrik Holst moves from Saxo to Nordea.

The move is part of the trend we highlighted a couple of years back, which has seen a migration of “e” talent from top-tier to regional banks, resulting in those top FX banks losing market share to regional banks who have upped their game and enhanced their own platforms. Continue reading

Liquidity + UX design (Barclays + FXCM) = win win

Barclays partners with FXCM to launch UK retail FX platform

Interesting to note Barclays the # 3 global FX powerhouse, has partnered with FXCM for their new UK retail FX platform, Barclays Margin FX – but why?

Barclays will naturally provide the FX liquidity, with FXCM providing the front end technology, and UX design. Continue reading

How Can Mid-Tier banks Compete in FX?

How can mid-tier banks compete?

Over on Tabb Forum, Harry Gozlan, CEO of SmartTrade makes some interesting points regarding how mid tier banks can more effectively compete with tier 1 banks in eFX, and discusses their new Liquidity FX offering.

The focus being that regional banks can compete in a number of areas including: Continue reading

FX-MM catches on to the importance of UX

The headline article in the “bi-weekly” newsletter from FX-MM magazine today is about the importance of user experience (UX) in FX trading platforms. Chris Tobias, a consultant in this space, has written an interesting and relevant article about how UX is increasingly becoming the main differentiator between FX trading platforms.

Chris reiterates many of the points that correspondents to this blog have made over the past year or two, including:

Scott McLeod in January 2012, and Duncan Brown and Paul Blank in October 2011

Caplin & BT Global Services – Collaborative integration – video demo

Last week I looked at how Caplin’s technology is ideally positioned to improve the speed, efficiency and by extension the profitability of  bank Sales Traders, in managing relationship based in-bound client calls.

The blog focused on the rapid (POC) integration of Caplin Integration platform with BT’s Cloud based Unified Trading  API, to deliver seamless integration and interaction between customer inbound voice calls with the bank’s Sales Trader functionality (TOBO – trading on behalf of) within Caplin’s HTML client framework CaplinTrader.

Here is a very brief video demonstration of the integration (with voice overview of explanation)

The full article is available here