Deutsche launches new version of Autobahn – combining voice & etrading channels (similar to Caplin & BT Collaboration)

The ‘Mighty’ Deutsche Bank today released a new version of FX Autobahn platform.

I haven’t seen the platform yet, although all the trade press will be writing about it over the next few days, FT article mentions the new platform will combine voice, electronic and third-party platform trading.

Zar Amrolia , Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of FX says: Continue reading

Seeing into the future with Twitter: a brief history, and a new approach

paper just released by the University of California adds to the noise around Twitter as a stock-picking tool. It focuses on analysing the relationship between stock price movements and Twitter metrics on related tweets such as number of hash-tags, number of re-tweets, number of followers for the user that posted the tweet, and so on.

Twitter and other microblogging services provide an efficient way for people to publish their opinions informally in real time. And people tend to tweet ideas very soon after having them. So it’s not surprising that analysts seized on Twitter early on as a possible leading indicator of market sentiment.

Here’s a quick history of this field: