The Future Of Trading In A Hybrid Marketplace

Paul Caplin on why single-dealer platforms are set to play an ever-larger role in the market of the future, especially regional banks.

The Future Of Trading In A Hybrid Marketplace

Single-dealer platforms are likely to play an ever-larger role in the markets of the future, especially for regional banks, by Paul Caplin, CEO Caplin Systems. Trading was simpler in the old days. Some instruments, like equities and futures, were… click here to read more.

Seeing into the future with Twitter: a brief history, and a new approach

paper just released by the University of California adds to the noise around Twitter as a stock-picking tool. It focuses on analysing the relationship between stock price movements and Twitter metrics on related tweets such as number of hash-tags, number of re-tweets, number of followers for the user that posted the tweet, and so on.

Twitter and other microblogging services provide an efficient way for people to publish their opinions informally in real time. And people tend to tweet ideas very soon after having them. So it’s not surprising that analysts seized on Twitter early on as a possible leading indicator of market sentiment.

Here’s a quick history of this field:

Why 2012 will be the year of HTML5

2012 is all set to be an exceptionally unpredictable year. What’s going to happen to the Euro? The global economy? Oil prices? Middle Eastern regimes?

Luckily, there’s one thing that’s pretty certain. In 2012, HTML5 will become the world’s favourite GUI technology, and in particular the No. 1 choice for building online trading applications.

Yesterday I started writing a post on why this now seems so inevitable. But a few hundred words in, I realised that there was so much to say on the subject − so many sources to quote, so many trends to map, so many statistics to analyse − that it was way more than a blog-sized chunk.

So I am re-casting the article as a white paper, which we’ll release within the next two weeks. Keep your eye on this site, and I’ll post an announcement as soon as it’s ready for you to download.