Q&A with Patrick Myles: The evolution of single-dealer platforms

As part of our preparation for Trading Architecture Asia, WBR interviewed Caplin CTO Patrick Myles about how single-dealer platforms have evolved over the last few years. The interview is now up on the show’s main site – take a look!


Patrick participated in today’s panel discussion “Panel Discussion: Developing a trading architecture that can support multiple asset classes from the same front end.” He also recently published the well received “HTML5 in 2013 – Where Next?” Click here to request your copy.

HTML5 in 2013: Where now? New white paper now available

 Get your copy here.

In this new publication on the current state of HTML5, Patrick Myles examines its strengths and weaknesses and discusses strategies for dealing with these. Picking up where Paul Caplin left off in 2012: The Year of HTML5, this fact-filled overview looks at the realities of implementing projects using this ubiquitous new technology.

The white paper is now available for download along with our other white papers on the Caplin white paper page.

Download the white paper

Caplin Systems lead sponsor at APTAS Conference

Caplin is proud to be the lead sponsor for the Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit held at the Regent Hotel in Singapore on June 27.

Patrick Myles, Caplin CTO, will present a white paper titled “HTML in 2013 – Where now?”

Caplin’s booth will feature the latest FX Motif, Bladerunner and Multi-Asset trading solution.

For a complimentary pass, please email me at Randy.Hebert@Caplin.com

We look forward to seeing you there!