How much longer for the Euro?

If you believe that perception is reality, then the perception that the Euro is near to/will collapse is becoming the new norm.

I see from the FT that ICAP has tested its systems to ensure they can still trade in a post-Euro world. Article here (registration required).

How long before the weight of expectations overwhelm the currency?

The secret weapons of e-commerce

Interesting article by Joel Clark in today’s FX week (password required for login):….”The secret weapons of e-commerce”

Asked by FX Week earlier this month what changes will need to be made to the single-dealer platform model to render it compliant with the likely obligations for swap execution facilities (Sefs), the head of foreign exchange at a top-tier bank described the answer as the “secret weapons programme” now under development at most banks.

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Tradeshow November

November 2011 has been a very busy month for Caplin’s marketing team. The company exhibited its single-dealer platform technology at four tradeshows on three continents and also attended an awards dinner and a networking event in London and a tradeshow in Madrid.

November 1st saw Caplin’s Asia sales team in Shanghai for the Chinamoney e-Trading Conference, presented by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) held at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel. This was probably the most complex as it involved translating both our brochures and our software into Chinese. As you can see below, Caplin established a presence at the show and some excellent contacts were made.

Trevor Jarrett and Weisheng Liu at Caplin's booth

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e-Commerce article in e-Forex April 2011

Back in January I blogged about the launch a survey of e-commerce practices worldwide. We (Caplin) sponsored this survey which was conducted by Lepus. With the help of Robert Smith, head of research at Lepus, I subsequently authored a feature article summarising the main findings of the research; this has now been published in the April 2011 edition of e-Forex magazine.

If you’re an e-Forex subscriber, or if you register free on the e-Forex website, you can read the full article here.

You can, of course, still obtain your own copy of the full research report by visiting this page on the Caplin website.

How the financial sector sees technology as its saviour

Here’s a snippet from a really thought provoking article by Francesco Guerra (click here for the full article from yesterday’s FT – requires subscription or free registration) .

When, a few months ago, I asked Jes Staley, head of JPMorgan Chase’s investment bank, how his industry would survive in an era of lower returns, he answered with two words: “technology” and “revolution”.

Last week, Mr Staley put his servers where his mouth was.  Speaking to a roomful of investors, he revealed that JPMorgan was midway through a five-year plan to reduce its foreign exchange trading platforms from 10 to 2 by using more efficient IT systems.

It raises a lot of questions…..firstly – is a move like this indicative of the growing trend towards single-dealer platforms, or does it represent an opportunity for SDPs?

Key SEC Proposal on Swap Trading Differs from CFTC’s


NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- The Securities and Exchange Commission laid out a series of rule proposals for new swap trading venues Wednesday, including one that was markedly different from one put forward by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Click here for the full story.

e-Forex feature: Single-dealer platforms: staying ahead in the FX game

Ten years after the arrival of electronic FX, banks are continuing to invest in their single-dealer platforms which have been enjoying a resurgence of late. According to Paul Caplin, chief executive of Caplin Systems, a provider of e-commerce technology for use in single-dealer platforms, there are numerous factors driving clients to single-dealer FX platforms.

Nicholas Pratt examines why the value proposition of these single-dealer platforms continues to strengthen for many trading firms and FX buy-side participants.

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