Tradeshow November

November 2011 has been a very busy month for Caplin’s marketing team. The company exhibited its single-dealer platform technology at four tradeshows on three continents and also attended an awards dinner and a networking event in London and a tradeshow in Madrid.

November 1st saw Caplin’s Asia sales team in Shanghai for the Chinamoney e-Trading Conference, presented by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) held at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel. This was probably the most complex as it involved translating both our brochures and our software into Chinese. As you can see below, Caplin established a presence at the show and some excellent contacts were made.

Trevor Jarrett and Weisheng Liu at Caplin's booth

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Competitor pushes Caplin Trader

I attended the TMX Atrium drinks last week and ran into a friend who told me an interesting story. He was at the recent TradeTech show in London perusing the stands and noticed something very odd at one stand. A streaming vendor had an impressive screenshot on their stand….but the screenshot said “Powered by Caplin”. I assume they had downloaded the screenshot from our website.

Cue much embarrassment when this was pointed out to the vendor’s staff!

Still, it’s nice to know that they think as much of our GUIs as we do. All I can say is you should see what our UX team is creating now!

Latest BIS data shows slight rise in OTC derivatives activity

Bank of international Settlements (BIS) has just released OTC derivatives market activity in the second half of 2010.

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Bloor – Latency: an IT Governance story?

David Norfolk on latency and single-dealer platforms:

To my mind, IT governance is ultimately about having fact-based confidence in achieving desired business outcomes, and these often depend on addressing technical issues. If the desired outcome, for example, is an effective and profitable single dealer platform, which allows a financial institution’s customers to deal with it for a range of trading assets (FX, credit, equities and so on) through a single internet application, one of the issues that must be addressed is latency.

So, what is latency? Well, its not the same as response time, which it is sometimes confused with—you can have sub-second response times for, say, pricing information and still see a price on your screen that is out of date, because of latency issues.

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Single-dealer platforms – the “social network” for investment banks?social network

Interesting article in Financial Services  Technology where Rule Financial’s Graeme Harker comments on single-dealer platforms:

“From the trader’s perspective, these next generation SDPs allow the bank’s customers to “friend” trade advisors, seek advice and view market insight about trading opportunities. These features help investors identify not just the best price, but also the most profitable investment opportunities. And just as the iPhone was a game-changer in the mobile market largely because of its superior user interface design, the aforementioned US investment bank believes that its SDP platform will prove to be a game changer in capital markets for the same reason. How has this become possible? Technology has played a pivotal role. Unlike almost all systems that have gone before, the new single dealer plaforms are being built using a truly user-centric approach using Rich Internet Application (RIA) Technology.”

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Mobile prototyping made easy.

Many banks are considering adding mobile services to their Single Dealer Platforms – and most are having the same sort of technology debates on the merits of Android, RMI, IOS and WP7. Few have launched mobile trading platforms in the institutional or corporate spaces, perhaps due to compliance concerns, ROI worries and budgetary restrictions.

But talks are intensifying, budgets are under review and early adopters like Citi, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse have recently launched institutional offerings. Over the last couple of weeks many banks have asked us about launching mobile app prototypes. Continue reading

Bi-directional Comet for Single-Dealer Platforms

A while ago a blogged on Platformability about Bi-directional use of Comet.

Part of building an SDP is creating something that can be built on – new asset classes, products, features added without having to re-engineer everything. A good framework is a great way to do this.

The guts of my previous blog explains that using Comet for all data communication makes sense, a single way to integrate all data. This may be a departure from the norm for web developers who are used to application servers and the request/response paradigm, but it should be more familiar for application developers who would use an API to send and receive data to and from a server in an asynchronous manner.