Tradeshow November

November 2011 has been a very busy month for Caplin’s marketing team. The company exhibited its single-dealer platform technology at four tradeshows on three continents and also attended an awards dinner and a networking event in London and a tradeshow in Madrid.

November 1st saw Caplin’s Asia sales team in Shanghai for the Chinamoney e-Trading Conference, presented by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) held at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel. This was probably the most complex as it involved translating both our brochures and our software into Chinese. As you can see below, Caplin established a presence at the show and some excellent contacts were made.

Trevor Jarrett and Weisheng Liu at Caplin's booth

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The Web strikes back

Here’s an interesting article on the BBC technology news website about how the success of native smartphone apps is being threatened by the rise of Web apps.

European lawmakers delay OTC regulation

From the FT:

“Everyone has realised this legislation – along with Dodd-Frank in the US – is much more complex than was originally given credit for,” said David Clark, chairman of the Wholesale Markets Brokers’ Association

The future of Twading

I’ve noticed a lot of comment linking Twitter and trading recently.

There was a report on Finextra that Canada’s online investors are increasingly turning to Twitter and Facebook to help them make decisions and there was a report on Bloomberg at the end of last year about Derwent Capital Markets, a London-based hedge fund that is going to track Twitter to make investment decisions. The Bloomberg report mentioned research conducted by, among others, associate professor Dr Johan Bollen of Indiana University Bloomington which indicates that there’s a close correlation between an “anxiety” mood measure on Twitter and the Dow Jones Industrial Average – with about a three-day lag.

The Economist now reports that in addition to their original investment strategies, Derwent has now also licensed Dr Bollen’s algorithm to guide their investments. Derwent is managing a £25m fund which reportedly includes £1.5m of their own money.

No surprise, then, that we’re including a Twitter widget in the roadmap of requested features in our web trading interface – it looks like the demand for this could grow.

Single-Dealer Platforms grow in importance

It is interesting that, following Paul Blank’s post on May 29th suggesting that single-dealer platforms are fighting back against SEFs, the audience at yesterday’s Waters webcast seemed to agree.

Yesterday (June 7 2011) Waters hosted an audio webcast entitled, “Regulation and OTC e-Commerce: Future-proofing your systems”. Sponsored by Caplin Systems, and hosted by Rob Daly, editor of Waters’ publication Sell-Side Technology, the panel for the webcast included Stéphane Malrait of Société Generale, David Bullen of Citi and Nick Green of Crédit Agricole.

The first audience participation question was, “Do you see a direct electronic channel to market being 1) more or 2) less important in this new regulatory environment?”

82% of the audience decided that in the new regulatory environment a direct electronic channel to market will be MORE important than it is now.

This is clearly good news for those of us engaged in building electronic channels to market for broker/dealers.

For those who missed it, an on-demand recording of the full audio webcast will be available online in a week or so. As soon as it’s available I’ll post the link.

e-Commerce article in e-Forex April 2011

Back in January I blogged about the launch a survey of e-commerce practices worldwide. We (Caplin) sponsored this survey which was conducted by Lepus. With the help of Robert Smith, head of research at Lepus, I subsequently authored a feature article summarising the main findings of the research; this has now been published in the April 2011 edition of e-Forex magazine.

If you’re an e-Forex subscriber, or if you register free on the e-Forex website, you can read the full article here.

You can, of course, still obtain your own copy of the full research report by visiting this page on the Caplin website.

eCommerce Research survey – breakfast launch

Earlier today in the elegant surroundings of Rhodes 24 on the 24th floor of Tower42, Caplin and Lepus presented the findings of a survey into eCommerce in the Capital Markets.

The survey was sponsored by Caplin and conducted by Lepus at the end of last year. 30 major US, European and Asian banks took part, and typically the respondents were heads of IT or heads of eCommerce. The survey was supplemented by some in-depth one-on-one interviews.

The survey investigated the implementation of single-dealer platforms (SDPs), the reasons behind that, and whether trading volume really is moving to SDPs from multi-dealer platforms. If you’d like your own copy contact us via the Caplin website.

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