Thanks Incisive – the European Trading Architecture Summit was a hit!

A big thanks to Incisive Media for today’s European Trading Architecture Summit (ETAS) at the Canary Wharf Hilton. The Caplin team was kept very busy with a great flow of visitors to our stand, some of whom came to play European Trading Architecture Summitour Hit the Numbers game while others got a chance to check out a demo of our new FX Motif.

A big thanks as well to Peter Van Kleef (Managing Director, Lakeview Capital) for moderating the lively 11:20 panel “The time is now: a real time trading environment” which featured Caplin Chief Technology Officer Patrick Myles.

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Single-dealer platforms: No longer the realm of innovators & early adopters

In 2010 I wrote Why are people building single-dealer platforms anyway? because I had to. In the technology adoption lifecycle, single-dealer platforms were still pretty much the realm of the innovators and early adopters and as a technology firm, we felt we were still slowly wading across the chasm.

SDP vs MDP volumes in 2009

SDP vs MDP volumes in 2009

At the time, the phrase “single-dealer platform” needed a lot of explanation, and while single-dealer platforms (SDPs) already accounted for 25% of all electronic FX volume back in 2010, the business benefits were something of a revelation to all but Continue reading

Visit our NATAS stand to see the new Caplin/OpenFin integrated HTML5 solution

North American Trading Architecture Summit logo
Caplin Systems hopes to see you at the North American Trading Architecture Summit (NATAS) on April 23rd at the New York Marriot Marquis.

As well as exhibiting at the summit and participating in the panel discussions throughout the day, Caplin will be demonstrating the new Caplin Trader/OpenFin Desktop integrated offering for building HTML5 Applications.

Caplin CTO Patrick Myles

Patrick Myles, CTO at Caplin, will be on the 10:50 a.m. panel Electronic trading: game-changing platforms and strategies to discuss trading on the web and integrating equities, FI and FX trading architectures.

In addition to the Caplin/OpenFin integrated solution demo, Caplin front end architect James Turner will be doing demos of our new alerts iPad app, as well as demos of Caplin Trader and BladeRunner. We’ll be running these demos at the stand throughout the day, but if you’d like to set a time to come by for a private demo, please email us to arrange.

If you aren’t able to make NATAS but would still like to see any of our demos, click here to get in touch.

Is the Doom Trade Over?

A big thanks to the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones for having a few of us from Caplin to Thursday night’s “Is the Doom Trade Over?” event at RSA House on the Strand. We were pleased to see an event themed around the cautious optimism that we’ve recently seen in the markets.

Left to right: Paul Lambert (Insight Investment), Kit Juckes (Societe Generale) and Kevin Bloom (HSBC)

Left to right: Paul Lambert (Insight Investment), Kit Juckes (Societe Generale) and David Bloom (HSBC).

Katie Martin, Assistant Managing Editor of Money News, kicked off the evening with a bit of food for thought:

With the Euro crisis far from over and much of the region’s economy still mired in recession, political instability and social tensions could yet throw a wrench into efforts to stimulate growth. Will 2013 see a resurrection of euro breakup fears or is the market likely to come to see the euro as a currency that’s here to stay but that should more clearly reflect its troubled regions fundamentals? And if Europe is not the big risk for this year….what is?

So, were the doomsayers plain wrong?

Great question, great panel:

David Bloom (Global Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy, HSBC), Kit Juckes (Chief FX Strategist, Societe Generale), Paul Lambert (Head of Currency, Fixed Income, Insight Investment), and Paul McNamara (Investment Director, GAM). Continue reading

Evolving Platform Technology & New Markets: A Caplin/ P&L Breakfast Panel

When: 07:45 am, May 31st, 2012

Thomas Lo, CEO & Founder of Financialogix Group

Thomas Lo, CEO & Founder of Financialogix Group

Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel Times Square, 1605 Broadway, New York

Join Caplin Systems at Forex Network New York for this complimentary technology focused breakfast panel.

The panel features experts who will discuss the evolution and future of trading platforms, as well as well as the developments surrounding how technology has lowered the barriers of entry to the marketplace.

• The discussion will focus on the evolution of single-dealer platform technology from the beginning, when traditionally only Tier 1 banks worked to provide their buy-side users with a platform, to the broadening of FX into other markets such as retail that we’ve seen in recent years (amongst many other examples).

• The panel will discuss the specific technological changes that have encouraged this new ease of entry into the marketplace – this will include discussions surrounding the web as a now viable trading platform, SAAS, and the Cloud.

Raj Iyer, VP, Global Markets Product Management, BNY Mellon

Raj Iyer, VP, Global Markets Product Management, BNY Mellon

Colin Lambert, Editor, Profit & Loss


Raj Iyer, VP, Global Markets Product Management, BNY Mellon Global Markets

Thomas Lo, Founder and CEO, Financialogix Group

Jose Cadalzo, US General Manager, Caplin Systems

*The breakfast panel is free to attend both for those who have registered for Forex Network New York and those who are not registered to attend.

10 years on Microsoft celebrate the death of IE6

10 years ago, a browser was born

IE6 was the most widely used web browser during its tenure, surpassing Internet Explorer 5.x. In 2002 and 2003, IE6 had a total market share of nearly 90%. goodbyeIE6Widely reported to be plagued with security problems, there have been for some time widespread frustrations from those in IT who have to support it. In 2010, a Downing Street petition called for the UK government to stop using IE6 and to upgrade to a newer browser.

These days, Microsoft is celebrating the demise of IE6 (with cake!) By December 2011 (as shown by the Internet Explorer Countdown page) IE6 was used by less than 1% of US internet surfers.

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