Here Comes HTML5 for Financial Markets (Greenwich Associates)

Came across this white paper from Greenwich Associates (from Jun 15) on the adoption of HTML5 within financial markets.

The report is based on interviews with 149 financial institutions, and found that technologists are rapidly shifting their focus toward the application needs of users, rather than the underlying operating system (OS). The focus is now on ‘The cloud, HTML5 and mobile’ (as was clearly identified in Caplin’s HTML5 in 2013: Where Next?  and Trading on the move white papers).

HTML5, is swiftly proving itself by delivering native, real-time financial applications that are OS and device agnostic. However, many who are unsure about even the near-term future of their OS and device requirements still aren’t devising an HTML5 strategy. This lack of planning may leave many ill-prepared for an OS or device upheaval within their firm.

Windows 7 still main desktop OS within Continue reading

FX SpotStream goes live with new HTML5 GUI from smartTrade.

FXSPotStreamFX SpotStream the multi-bank platform has joined the growing number of platforms that are releasing new HTML5 trading GUIs.

The platform, which runs as a market utility is owned by a consortium of leading FX banks, providing multi-bank direct Api and GUI infrastructure to enable top-tier liquidity providers to easily and at low-cost distribute their liquidity to downstream price takers.


Alan Schwarz, CEO FXSPotStreamAccording to Alan Schwarz, SpotStream CEO: Continue reading

MTS new HTML BondsPro platform

I seem to have missed this last month, but interesting nonetheless to see that MTS has relaunched and re-branded the platform they acquired for $15m last year as MTSBondsPro and have now launched a HTML5 version of the platform.

Here are a couple of comments from an interview with MTS Markets CEO, Mark Monahan in Waters Technology that bring a smile: Continue reading

EBS reports strong Jan 15 vols and releases new HTML5 ‘everything EBS’ platform

EBS has reported a strong start to the year, with Jan 15 vols +23.7% at $129.6bln/day, some 48.1% up on Jan 14.

The increase was driven in part by the increased volatility seen in the wake of the SNB decision to let the CHF appreciate against the Eur, which according to sources saw EBS volume that day nearly triple to $300bln. EBS volumes have now almost doubled compared to the low of $69bln/day seen in Apr 14.

EBS Jan 15

EBS Jan 15 FX volumes

We will wait to see how EBS figures compare with Reuters who should report their Jan volumes next week.

January figures also coincide with EBS announcing they are launching a new HTML5 platform, dubbed Continue reading

HTML5 in 2013: Where now? New white paper now available

 Get your copy here.

In this new publication on the current state of HTML5, Patrick Myles examines its strengths and weaknesses and discusses strategies for dealing with these. Picking up where Paul Caplin left off in 2012: The Year of HTML5, this fact-filled overview looks at the realities of implementing projects using this ubiquitous new technology.

The white paper is now available for download along with our other white papers on the Caplin white paper page.

Download the white paper

HTML Options app (nice and simple)

Just seen this very nice, (retail) Options App called Optionsapps, it’s simple and easy to use and built in HTML. Worth a quick look using their free for life sign up.

Building structures appears easy, just click on the option series and strike and it’s automatically added to the strategy. Some nice displays – would be good to see some vol surfaces, but I am sure that’s coming, or perhaps it’s in the subscription service.

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Caplin Systems lead sponsor at APTAS Conference

Caplin is proud to be the lead sponsor for the Asia Pacific Trading Architecture Summit held at the Regent Hotel in Singapore on June 27.

Patrick Myles, Caplin CTO, will present a white paper titled “HTML in 2013 – Where now?”

Caplin’s booth will feature the latest FX Motif, Bladerunner and Multi-Asset trading solution.

For a complimentary pass, please email me at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Caplin Systems booth at the FIX Protocol APAC Trading Summit in Hong Kong

Caplin Systems were one of the 30+ sponsors at the FIX Protocol trading summit in Hong Kong on May 23.

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Visit Caplin at the FIX Protocol APAC Trading Summit in HK

Caplin will be a sponsor at the FIX Protocol Asia Pacific Trading Summit in Hong Kong on May 23, taking place at the JW Marriott hotel.

We invite conference participants to visit us at our booth and look forward to seeing you there!

Caplin Partners with OpenFin

Caplin today announced a partnership with US-based OpenFin .

The partnership will accelerate the adoption of HTML5 for development of high-performance trading applications, by providing an integrated solution that combines Caplin Trader, a complete development suite for HTML5 trading front-ends, and OpenFin App Desktop, a secure application container based on Google’s Chromium open-source technology.

The partnership addresses two challenges faced by financial developers when building HTML5 applications.:

1. Many end-users in financial institutions run Internet Explorer browsers which are not HTML5 compliant, requiring applications to fallback to HTML4.

2. Native applications have traditionally been able to provide better user experience including the ability to tear-off panels, pop-up windows, deliver push notifications and seamlessly integrate with local applications such as Microsoft Excel.

The joint solution addresses these issues by enabling HTML5 applications to run outside-the-browser with the same user experience and capabilities as native, installed applications, as was discussed here in a post looking at Thick client? Thin client? Or in-between?

Press Release here