Inviting expert guest contributors to SingleDealerPlatforms blog

Dear Readers,

The blog is nearly six years old. During that time, it has built a loyal and focused following, by providing insight into the dealer-to-client e-trading space. Exploring new trends and emerging opportunities, and looking at the business, technical and regulatory challenges facing participants.

Given the focus, it’s not surprising the blog is popular within banks. Actually, over 60% of subscribers to the blog work at banks, mainly in sales, trading, e-commerce and trading technology. Whilst a further 26% work for trading platforms, and over half of those are with FX platforms, see chart 1 below.

Readership of SDP.org1

Chart 1: Readership of SDP blog, highly concentrated in Banks

Inviting expert guest contributors: Building on this success, we are looking to expand our quality coverage, by inviting guest contributions from the thought leaders and domain experts at banks, trading platforms, consultancies, and other firms that support the e-trading ecosystem.

Share your insightful perspective on the business, technical and upcoming regulatory challenges facing banks, as they seek to add value and remain relevant, whilst providing trading services to clients.

If you are interested in becoming a guest contributor, please contact for more details.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Paul Blank

Author and Editor of

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