EBS sees large drop in Feb 15 vols down over 27%

EBS the leading FX ECN has reported a large drop in FX volumes in Feb 2015 down some $35.5bln/day (-27.4%) compared to the strong start to the year as previously reported, which saw Jan 15 vols of $129.6bln/day (+23.7%), although still some 12.7% up on Feb 2014.

The drop brings vols back in line with the 12mth average vols, currently running at around $96bln/day, and reflects the reduction in volatility after the manic January moves triggered by the SNB’s removal of the EURCHF floor.

EBS chart Feb 15

EBS Feb 15 FX volumes

Elsewhere, Hotspot FX, the ECN sold to BATS also saw big falls in Feb vols at $26.4bln/day (-22.8%) compared to the  strong start to the year which saw Jan 15 vols of $34.3bn/day (+23.6%).

EBS & Hotspot FX Feb 15

EBS & Hotspot Feb 15 FX volumes

We will wait to see how EBS figures compare with Reuters who should report their volumes next week.

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