EBS & Hotspot FX vols Nov 2014: EBS & Hotspot both down around 5% in Nov

EBS saw a small -5.4% drop in volumes in Nov 2014 to $123bn/day, coming after the very Sept and Oct figures and is the first dip since Jul 14. Whilst Hotspot (whose owners Knight Capital Group KCG are looking to sell the platform), saw a small -4.4% drop in Nov 14 volumes to $32.8bln/day.

Actual figures for platforms are as follows:

EBS $123bn/day in Nov14, up -5.4% on Oct, and still up +54.7% compared to Nov13 level of $79.5bln/day

Hotspot: $32.8bn/day in Nov14, down -4.4% on Oct, and up +10.7% compared to Nov13 level of $29.6bln/day

EBS & Hotspot Nov 14

EBS volumes till Nov 14

EBS Oct 14 Vol

Breakdown of EBS volumes showing EBSDirect for Oct 14.

Thomson Reuters and CLS settlement platform will report their volumes next week.

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