New Caplin white paper ‘Trading On The Move’

Caplin Systems has published a new white paper entitled Trading On The Move, which examines the growing demand for, and use of mobile devices in the capital markets.

The paper authored by Patrick Myles, Caplin CTO explores the mobile revolution and looks at how it is being applied to the capital markets.

Drawing on results from a recent Caplin Systems e-Trading survey, the paper identifies current supply-demand imbalances between what the buy-side say they want, and what the sell-side think their clients want, compared to what they currently provide to clients.

Responses from the survey suggested that:

  • just over 50% of sell-side felt there was a lack of demand for mobile FX trading, whereas, the survey found that 38% of corporate clients who trade FX would use a mobile trading service if only their bank provided it.

Mobile Trading supply -demand inbalance

Table from white paper highlighting supply-demand gap for mobile trading

  •  Execution and order placement are in high demand for FX trading, though only a small proportion of the sell-side are offering such services today
  • Security and compliance concerns were not a major factor for end-users, despite fears from the sell-side. In fact, only 8% of buy-side respondents named security as the primary reason for not using mobile trading, versus 57% of the sell side.

These imbalances represent ‘short-term’ opportunities for forward thinking regional banks to stay competitive and leap-frog their slower competitors by extending their single-dealer platforms to include a mobile FX distribution capability.

The white paper is available to download directly using this link: Trading on the Move.

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