Are regional banks ready to offer mobile trading?

Top tier banks have been offering mobile solutions to their institutional clients for a while now, ranging from research and indicative pricing, through to enabling clients to manage existing and in some cases placing new orders. With early compliance and security concerns having been addressed, banks such as Citi and JP Morgan are providing full mobile click and trade functionality.

But what about regional banks, what is their attitude towards mobile trading for corporate customers?

Here at Caplin, we are certainly seeing interest from a number of regional banks for mobile trading, which now features more prominently, and higher up on the single-dealer platform road-maps of many more banks.

Interestingly, initial findings from research by Caplin that looked at attitudes of firms towards mobile trading (results of which will feature more fully in a forthcoming Caplin white paper on mobile trading), found that:

Over 50% of corporate customers that trade FX said they would use a mobile trading solution

Yet nearly 40% of corporate customers stated that their bank did not offer mobile trading

Whilst over 50% of the regional banks surveyed cited ‘lack of demand from clients’ as a key reason for not providing mobile trading

This has created a short-term ‘demand – supply imbalance’, and opened a window of opportunity to those regional banks able to move fast and satisfy this excess customer demand, whilst at the same time protecting and gaining market share.

To help regional banks to address this demand-supply imbalance, Caplin has today announced the launch of a new fully managed FX mobile trading SDP, which will enable banks to rapidly deliver a seamless mobile trading capability as part of their Single-Dealer Platform.

Mobile 1Caplin FX mobile for smart phone and tablet

Indeed, we are now involved in SDP projects that start with mobile FX trading for corporate and institutional clients as the first deliverable solution.

As a result, we are enabling our clients to ‘leapfrog’ their regional competitors, whilst empowering their corporate, institutional and internal customers with an ‘always-on’ mobile trading capability, that keeps them in-touch with market developments, and in a position to pro-actively react to market events whilst on the move and away from their desks.

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