CLS reports 10.5% drop in value of FX trades Apr 14 to $4.79trn/day

Data from CLS for April 2014 shows a 10.5% drop in the value of FX trades submitted to CLS for settlement, down from $5,350bln/day in Mar 2014 to $4,790bln/day in April. The lowest since Aug 13 ($4,490bln/day).

CLS value of trades submitted: $4,790bln/day, down 10.5% on the $5,350bln/day in Mar 2014, and -4.2% compared to Apr 2013 level of $5,000bln/day.

CLS number of instructions submitted: 983,850, was down 14.9% on the 1,155,507 in Mar 2014, and -23.01% down compared to Apr 2013 level of 1,277,911.

CLS Apr 14

The above tables and charts show CLS data and contract to FX Multibank volumes as released last week.

Here is full CLS Monthly Market Report April 2014

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