EBS Apr vols down 22%

EBS is the first of the large platforms to report April FX monthly volumes figures.

The data for April shows the third largest monthly drop in vols down from $88.2bln/day in March to a new all time low of $68.5bln/day in April (-22.3% on the month), and down from $128.3bln/day in April 2013 (-46.6% yr on yr).

Overall a very poor performance from EBS. I have not seen any separate reporting for EBSDirect, their disclosed relationship FX liquidity offering, which ICAP has said over time could become bigger than the anonymous EBS Markets platform.

Reuters Matching and FXall to report later this week or early next, and updates to follow. March figures are available here.

EBS Apr 14 volumes

EBS Average monthly volumes


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  1. […] on Hotspot of $41.3bln/day on 8th May was close to 60% average daily volumes of $68.5bln/day that EBS saw over the month of […]

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