EBS and Reuters/FXall Feb14 FX vols

The three main OTC FX platforms have now reported their Feb 2014 volumes.

All platforms shown slight drops in volumes after the very strong January figures of last month.

FXall: $122bln/day, down 0.8% on the record $123bln/day in Jan 2014, and still 10.9% up compared to Feb 2013 level of $110bln/day.

Reuters Matching: $113bln/day, down 3.4% on the $117bln/day in Jan 2014, but still 17.5% down compared to Feb 2013 level of $137bln/day. Interestingly, the recent intervention by the Chinese authorities to halt the one way bet on a continually rising Yuan has seen the Chinese offshore Yuan the dollar vs CNH become the second most activity traded currency pair on Reuters matching in February.

EBS: $83.5bln/day, down 4.6% on on the $87.5bln/day in Jan 2014, but still a whopping 44% down compared to Feb 2013 level of $149bln/day.

Hotspot: to be added once released.

FX Platform Volumes Feb 2014FX volumes for Reuters, FXall and EBS- February 2014

I am starting to add CLS reported data showing the number and value of trades submitted to CLS for settlement.

CLS Feb 14

Finally, over on Marketfactory’s blog, I see that James Sinclair has an interesting extract of a presentation he gave to the BIS in Basel earlier this year on ECN platforms.

James uses the same venue reported data (with addition of CME) as I do for comparing the FX volumes of major platforms, with the addition of indexing the data from Dec 2009 and contrasting with CLS data, and comes up with some interesting slides.

MarketFactory-Secondary Platform relative performance

4 Responses

  1. How does EBS fall of 4 bio a day ($83.5bln/day, down 0.8% on on the $87.5bln/day in Jan 2014) = a fall of only 0.8%. Its more like 4.57%?

  2. Hi Chris,

    Well spotted!

    The table and charts are correct, but in my haste, I used the -0.8% FXall monthly change instead of the -4.6% EBS monthly fall – as you correctly spotted.

    I have corrected it now.

    Glad to see someone actually reads this stuff!



  3. Chris,

    Thank you, now that definitely earns you a beer, which Scott will deliver when he is next in Singapore!



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