Thomson Reuters Full Year results

Thomson Reuters just reported full year (and 4th quarter results).

Overall, revenues grew 2% for the full year and 1% for the fourth quarter

When looking at the transactional businesses that sit within the Financial & Risk division, we see:

  • Revenues down 1% as growth (down 3% organic) as growth in the Enterprise Content, FXall, Governance, Risk & Compliance and Elektron Managed Services businesses was more than offset by weakness in other segments, primarily the Equities and Fixed Income desktop businesses
  • By geography, revenues in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) were down 3%, revenues in the Americas were up 1% (down 3% organic) and revenues in Asia were down 1%
  • As of January 31, 2014, billed Eikon desktops totaled approximately 119,000 and installed Eikon desktops totaled approximately 123,000 versus 76,000 and 96,000, respectively, on September 30, 2013

FXall sits within the Marketplaces group, and is currently one of the main growth stories within TR, as was shown by their strong January FX volumes.


  • Full year: Revenues increased 2% (down 3% organic). FXall was up 11%, reflecting strong growth in volumes and an increased user base. This was offset by a decline in FX revenues for the year in other Marketplaces businesses.
  • Fourth Quarter: Revenues decreased 2% (down 4% organic). FXall growth of 9% was more than offset by a decline in desktop revenues and a decline in other foreign exchange and fixed income transaction revenue resulting from continued lower market volumes.


  • Full year: Revenues decreased 6% due to Equities and Fixed Income desktop cancellations throughout 2013.
  • Fourth Quarter: Revenues decreased 5% with growth in Elektron Managed Services more than offset by legacy desktop cancellations in Equities and Fixed Income

Full results here

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