EBS and Reuters/FXall Jan 14 FX vols (record day for FXall)

The three main OTC FX platforms have now reported their Jan 2014 volumes.

All three platforms delivered strong double-digit pct gains in volumes, with FXAll recording it’s highest single day trading volumes. The individual platforms results were as follows:

FXall: $123bln/day, up 10.8% on the $111bln/day in Dec 13, and 12.8% up compared to a year ago.

Reuters: $117bln/day, up 27.2% on the $92bln/day in Dec 13, but still 7.1% down compared to a year ago.

EBS: $87.5bln/day, up 23.2% on the multi-year low of $71bln/day in Dec 13, and still 38.1% down compared to a year ago.

Hotspot: $34bln/day, up 23.2% on the $27.6bln/day in Dec 13, and 25.5% up compared to a year ago.

According to Reuters, FXall recorded its largest ever single day’s volume of $197bln/day on 29th January, and both FXall and Reuters matching say record trading levels in Chinese Renminbi, whilst as reported earlier this week, EBS saw record volumes in Emerging Markets and NDFs. EBS figures now include their new EBSDirect relationship based disclosed pricing service.

FX Platform Volumes Jan 2014aFX volumes for Reuters, FXall and EBS-January 2014


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