EBS and Reuters/FXall Nov 13 FX vols released

The three main OTC FX platforms have now reported their Nov 2013 volumes.

All three platforms saw small rises in daily volumes in November, with FXAll maintaining it’s newly found position as leading multi-bank platform having overtaken Reuters matching two months ago, with Nov volumes up a $2bln/day (+1.9%) to $104bln/day, and still some 13.7% up on a year ago.

Reuters matching and conversational dealing platforms showed the largest rise, up $7bln/day (+7.2%) to $104bln/day from $97bln/day in October, although still some 6.3% down on a year ago.

Meanwhile, EBS which as we reported earlier this week, showed a modest rise of $2bln/day (+3.2%) to $79.5bln/day from last month’s multi-year low of $77bln/day, although still down some -23.4% YonY.

I am starting to include Hotspot ECN, with Nov volumes of $29.6bln/day, down $100mln on Oct, although still some 37% up YonY.


FX Platforms Nov 13 volumes




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  1. […] Reuters are also apparently, considering introducing a similar randomisation pause to the FXall ECN segment of the FXall platform they bought last year (but not of course to the FXall dealer to client segment). All three platforms have now reported November trading volumes, which we covered here. […]

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