Mobile institutional trading – Its time has come

Despite mobile trading has long been the accepted norm in the retail trading space, banks have been slow to embrace mobile trading for their corporate and institutional clients, with most citing security and compliance concerns.

There have been some exceptions, like JP Morgan’s MorganDirect/Mobile and Deutsche’s Autobahn/mobile which permitted institutional and corporate clients to view live rates, access research see econ calendars, and modify existing orders and are now tentatively allowing trading.

However, with the backdrop of the PC market set to hit an inflexion point, with tablets set to outsell desktop PCs, things seem to be about to change.

The recent launch of CitiVELOCITY for mobile (built using Caplin’s mobile trading technology), provides institutional clients with a seamless mobile trading experience, and points the way for others, and demonstrates that mobile trading has now arrived!

Here at Caplin, almost all the Single Dealer Platform projects we are involved in have a mobile trading ‘place-holder’ on the project roadmap.

Interestingly, Bloomberg Tradebook, Bloomberg’s agency broker has also launched a mobile trading application for its global institutional client base. 

“Trade opportunities can come at any time of the day,” said Daniel Siluk of Kapstream Capital, a fund manager in Australia. “The ability to trade via the iPad gives me the freedom and flexibility to trade and access the markets 24×7 from anywhere in the world.”

Clients can now trade futures, options, foreign exchange and equity securities using the Bloomberg Anywhere App for iPad. This is the first time institutional firms have been able to use the app to both monitor the global financial markets and implement trade ideas, Bloomberg says.

In our view, 2014 will see this momentum continue, and mobile trading will become a ‘must have’ requirement for Single Dealer Platform projects, as banks start to embrace mobile trading for corporate and institutional clients as well as wealth management and private banking.

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