Caplin at FX Week Europe today

Caplin are at FXWeek Europe today, so if you at the event, please come on over and say hi to the team.

FXWeek Europe

Paul Caplin, CEO will be speaking in the 11.30 Panel discussion on “The future of e-FX: taking advantage of key trends and serving the client“. which will look at:

  • Understanding the key systematic trends driving the e-FX market
  • Is it possible to have a standalone e-FX strategy?
  • How you can take advantage of the booming technological innovation
  • The platform debate-which will better suit your needs, SDP or MDP?
  • Sourcing low latency, 24 hour liquidity

 Paul Caplin-FXWeek Europe

Paul Caplin (center) speaking at FXWeek Europe panel discussion this morning

Elsewhere, looking at the program, the last panel discussion of the day also looks interesting: View from the top: in conversation with the FX business heads. and includes

Kevin Rogers, Global Head of FX at Deutsche.

  • What are the most important components of a successful FX business in 2013?
  • How has the sales force had to adapt as a result of changes in market structure and regulation?
  • How central is technology to the FX business of today, and how do banks ensure they are adding real value in e-commerce?
  • What will the FX business model look like in five years’ time?

Despite being global #1 in FX for the past 9 years, Deutsche’s market share has been falling over that period according to data from the EuroMoney 2013 FX polls, as other bank’s up their game. So, it will be interesting to hear from Kevin how Deutsche see their FX business developing over the coming years.

Citi vs Deutsche FX Market Share

Chart above contrasts Deutsche and Citi, showing the dramatic rise in Citi’s FX market share. The contrast between Deutsche and Citi is seen even more dramatically when we look at the near doubling of Citi’s market share between 2008 and 2013, and the corresponding 30% fall in Deutsche’s share over the same period.


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