Hit the Numbers with Caplin at tomorrow’s European Trading Architecture Summit

Will you be at the European Trading Architecture Summit (ETAS) on Nov. 19th in Canary Wharf? Stop by Caplin’s stand (#4) to play Hit the Numbers (and Imageenter to win an iPad mini).

What is it?

‘Hit the Numbers’ is a series of game-based challenges designed by the Caplin UX Design team to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the ‘ingredients’ available to us when we create a trading platform.

These ‘ingredients’ are typography, colour, contrast, movement, layout, scale and sound – there are others, but these are the key variable components of any UI. We want to build on our existing knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, why, so when we design, we know that we’ve provided users with an ergonomically optimized tool that helps them work better, and one that provides optimal richness in experience.

What else are we doing?

It’s going to be a busy day for us at ETAS. Caplin CTO Patrick Myles will be participating in the 11:20 am panel “The time is now: a real time trading environment“. Patrick will be joined by Kevin Twitchen (Morgan Stanley) David Newns (State Street Global Exchange Trading and Clearing Solutions), and Mark Hudson (TIBCO StreamBase). The panel will be moderated by Peter Van Kleef (LakeView Capital).

In association with ITRS, Caplin will also be demonstrating the new Geneos plug-in live at our stand. This solution, which is already live in a large regional bank, has been specifically designed to enable operations and management to have ‘real-time’ visibility, key metric dashboard overviews, alerting capabilities with deep click through and drilldown into the performance and latency of their single-dealer platform.

We look forward to seeing you at ETAS!

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  1. […] team was kept very busy with a great flow of visitors to our stand, some of whom came to play our Hit the Numbers game while others got a chance to check out a demo of our new FX […]

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