Whilst Javelin and TrueEX as ‘new kids on the block’, may have been the first to register their made available to trade (MAT) products, it’s clear that SEF volumes are for now remaining on the established platforms which are already widely used by market participants.

According to data from Clarus the top SEFs by volume for each product class last week were:

  • CREDIT:  Bloomberg continues to post the most impressive scores in this asset class, consistently accounting for 70-80% of the daily volumes and 79% for the week overall.  GFI is the strongest IDB.
  • FX:  ICAP has the largest FX numbers.  The other 4 IDB’s join Reuters & 360T for a close battle between 2nd through 7th place.
  • IRD:  ICAP and Tullet take turns in the lead, with BGC in another photo-finish for 3rd.  The strength of ICAP’s and Tullet’s numbers appear to hinge on the weekly FRA reset volumes (RESET vs TP Match, respectively).

Whilst, Ben Macdonald, Bloomberg’s Head of Product and President of Bloomberg’s SEF announced that:

“In the first month of SEF trading, more than $280 billion in cross asset volume has been executed on our SEF and over 220 global firms. We will continue to work closely with our clients, who have used our trading platforms for years, to help them transition to today’s new regulatory environment.” more

Full Clarus report on last weeks SEF volumes is here.

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