Single-dealer platforms: No longer the realm of innovators & early adopters

In 2010 I wrote Why are people building single-dealer platforms anyway? because I had to. In the technology adoption lifecycle, single-dealer platforms were still pretty much the realm of the innovators and early adopters and as a technology firm, we felt we were still slowly wading across the chasm.

SDP vs MDP volumes in 2009

SDP vs MDP volumes in 2009

At the time, the phrase “single-dealer platform” needed a lot of explanation, and while single-dealer platforms (SDPs) already accounted for 25% of all electronic FX volume back in 2010, the business benefits were something of a revelation to all but a few tier 1 and 2 banks. We wrote a Wikipedia article about single-dealer platforms (SDP’s) and started this blog because industry media didn’t feature SDP’s as a category and we were tired of being vaguely referred to in sentences containing words such as “streaming technology.”

Crossing the Chasm

We’d like to think establishing and dedicating a lot of time writing about SDP’s helped them to “cross the chasm“. But likely it was more than that. Likely, it was (as Moore rightly points out in his Crossing the Chasm), that the right sort of people (who turned out not to be the mainstream) started to listen because we spoke to them about e-trading challenges that involved them specifically.

We knew SDP’s had moved from being a “nice-to-have” to a “have-to-have” when….


The list really could go on!

So, laggards, what are you waiting for?


Jennifer Reid is marketing manager at Caplin Systems. You can find her on Twitter and

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