BNP Paribas: New corporate FX Platform ‘Centric’

BNP Paribas has released their new corporate FX platform called Centric.

According to the website:

CENTRIC is a seamless multi-product application based platform, configured not only to optimise efficiency, but help corporate treasurers do business. CENTRIC is a new way to put your organisation’s cash to use – going beyond managing risk and optimising liquidity, and helping you to make your underlying business stronger.

Whether you’re looking for the latest research and market commentaries, cash management services, trade finance products or wanting to execute FX trades and payments. CENTRIC has been designed to offer you increased choice and control of all your treasury business operations from the convenience of a single platform.

The platform comes after the launch of their Cortex platform last year.

Single-Dealer Platforms are certainly innovating here, and moving from being rigid product based platforms to more intuitive user centric workflow solutions, designed around the needs and workflow requirements of end users, with suite of widgets to allow users to customise their experience.

Thomas Soede, global head of fixed income electronic markets at BNP Paribas says:

“Centric is the door to BNP Paribas’ electronic banking, and our strategy has been on four pillars:

  • Shift from voice to electronic trading
  • Giving clients the ability to consume all the relevant BNP Paribas products
  • Increasingly important role of technology
  • Efficiency”

The screen shot below comes from the on-line Centric brochure, and clearly shows that much thought has gone into the UX design of the client ‘centric’ platform. Placing the client’s ‘to-do list’ of daily payment activities and cash balances centre stage.

BNP CentricBNP Paribas Corporate FX platform Centric

The platform is being launched in Asia with Hong Kong clients, which makes sense when you look at BNP’s FX scorecard according to the latest EuroMoney FX survey, where they are particularly strong in both Corporates and Asia.

BNP ranking

BNP Paribas FX scorecard based on EuroMoney FX survey ranking

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