UBS Neo-cross asset SDP

The new Single Dealer Platform from UBS called NEO now has its own microsite!

According to Hishaam Caramanli, Global Head of Securities eCommerce the platform:

“Neo is the first truly cross asset investment banking platform, and the first to put people at its centre. Making it easier than ever before for our clients to access our insight and execution capabilities across all our businesses, in the moment and in one place.

I believe simplicity and precision are essential qualities for the next generation platform, and NEO delivers that today”

Although NEO has been a while coming, it looks like they are ready, and as we know the platform will be supported by excellent liquidity provision from UBS, currently 4th in the Euromoney FX rankings.

The idea of the client centric platform is not new. However, for a truly cross asset client centric SDP, getting the prototype design and interaction right is critical, and it’s easy to get it wrong. What is needed is a deep understanding of relevant client segment behaviour and their workflow requirements in and across markets.

Interaction design should seamlessly integrate highly relevant thin slices of market intelligence, analytics and flow insight, in an intuitive way, enabling clients to quickly ‘get’ the ‘idea behind the trade strategy’, uncover hidden ‘cross asset correlations’ affecting their portfolios, and move easily through to execution, against UBS pricing, algorithmic execution, or externally via routing to SEFs or other venues, and finally through to post trade services and clearing as required.

UBS Neo FX Trade execution tile1

UBS NEO FX Trade execution tile.

Take a tour of the Microsite. Enjoy!

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