FX multibank platforms mixed Feb volumes figures

Three of the main multi-bank FX platforms have now reported their Feb volumes.

Reuters and EBS showed continued strength, whilst FXall (also owned by Reuters) recorded a new monthly record.

The reported volumes are as follows:

EBS continuing the strong recovery it saw in January saw volumes rise 5% to $149bln/day  retaining it’s position as the largest FX platform by volumes.

Reuters (including spot matching and dealing platforms) showed the largest gain up 9% to $137bln/day, with FXall showing a modest 1% increase although setting a new monthly record of $110bln/day.

Table-FX Vols for Reuters, EBS and FXAll-Feb 13

The longer term trend of the three platforms can be seen here in the following chart.

Chart-FX Vols for Reuters, EBS and FXAll-Feb 13

Reuters volumes available here

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  1. […] As you can see from the chart below, whilst EBS volumes have recovered from the lows seen Dec 12, they suffered a 19% drop in March as compared with February (April data not yet available), this was covered in earlier posts here overall trading volumes. […]

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