JPMorgan consolidates platforms into new single offering

In keeping with the drive to consolidate platforms, JP Morgan this week soft launched their new JPMorgan Markets platform.

The platform, will by the end of the year provide seamless integration to over 30 multiple back-end systems spanning FX, rates and commodities, taking users from pre-trade analytics, through trade execution (both from JP, and external venues), to post trade processing and clearing.

According to Peter Cherasia, Global head of Market Strategies:

“It will enable us to quickly deliver innovative new products as we adapt to changing market conditions, and clients will find it a faster, more effective and transparent place to trade.”

Under new regulatory execution and clearing mandates, scale and infrastructure capabilities of back-end processing of the largest global investment banks will become a  key competitive differentiator, and for banks like JP Morgan, allow clients to focus more on optimising trade execution, and capital utilisation, than on post trade processing.

As Troy Rohrbaugh, global head of FX & rates trading at the bank says:

“By having a high degree of automation at every stage of a trade, clients will be able to focus on trading ideas rather than the increasing complexity of a post-regulatory world in trade execution, post-trade clearing, settlement and reporting.”

More on the new platform in coming posts, in meantime here is the JPMorgan press release, and other press coverage here and here and here

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  2. […] The latest JP Morgan Investor Presentation provides great insight (which we already quoted from in discussion on mandatory clearing here) into their Investment Bank strategy, and has some nice screen shots (pg 40-41) of the new cross asset platform JP Morgan Markets. We covered the new platform in an earlier post here […]

  3. […] JPMorgan consolidates platforms into new single offering […]

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