Half Time Update – NYC Fin Tech Startup Weekend

Plenty of great ideas on show at the NYC Fin Tech Startup Weekend – with teams racing to build demos ahead of judging tomorrow.

Hopeful leaders pitched their ideas on Friday night – to 200 or so assembled devs, designers and business types. The crowd voted and teams formed around the winners – who had 48 hours to produce something demoable.

This morning they were thrashing out their concepts and distribution strategies. Coding got underway this afternoon. By 6pm (and after an unearthly large pizza order) demos were taking shape.

Emin and I floated around offering input – especially to teams building stuff for the web, and answering questions about BladeRunner.

A number of our fin tech friends were there – particular shouts out to OpenFin, Bloomberg, OANDA and even the US Treasury.

Posting highlights tomorrow…

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