Caplin at FX Week Europe Today and ETAS Tomorrow

We are at FX Week Europe today and the European Trading Architecture Summit (ETAS) tomorrow.

Paul Caplin our CEO will be speaking at FX Week on the topic of  “The impact of recent market developments on the FX frontier”

Patrick Myles our CTO will be speaking at ETAS on the topic of “Hosted Trading Platforms”

We have stands at both events, so please come over and say hello to the Caplin team, and see some of the exciting work we are doing to make it easier and faster for firms to build and deliver high performance based web trading solutions built in HTML5.

Hope to see you there.

Caplin team.

One Response

  1. Excellent day at FX Week Europe today, lots of relevant people. Most interest on the Caplin stand was in the Progress Apama/Caplin demo, the Jyske Bank announcement and our demo of Caplin Trader integrated with BT’s Unified iTrader to unify voice and e-trading.

    Giveaways included shirts (UBS), rainjackets and notepads (Santander), umbrellas (CME), drinks bottles (Credit Suisse), maglite torches (Soc Gen) and tablet styluses (Caplin). Loads of pens everywhere.

    And Progress Apama are sponsoring the drinks in a few minutes…

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