Deutsche launches new version of Autobahn – combining voice & etrading channels (similar to Caplin & BT Collaboration)

The ‘Mighty’ Deutsche Bank today released a new version of FX Autobahn platform.

I haven’t seen the platform yet, although all the trade press will be writing about it over the next few days, FT article mentions the new platform will combine voice, electronic and third-party platform trading.

Zar Amrolia , Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of FX says:

The new single-dealer platform, Autobahn, would allow clients and sales people to interact while also conducting online trades.

In FX Week, Zar and Ian O’Flaherty, global head of FX electronic sales, mentions that

“The hybrid trade blotter brings voice and electronic much closer together. I would stress how difficult it is to create that repository in one place where clients and salespeople have the same view across the client’s whole portfolio and then to have those trades automatically amended in the way the client wants – whether they want to roll them, aggregate them, or set up reports (Ian)

This is not just an evolution but rather a quantum leap forward for the FX market. Our trade blotter is the first medium in the industry where clients can see their positions that have been executed electronically alongside those that have been executed through a salesperson and those executed on a third-party platform via Deutsche Bank. That involved a fundamental re-plumbing of our entire trade-flow process and a restructuring of our sales teams. (Zar)

More from FXWeek here

On SEFS, The Platform will route client orders through to SEFs where required

“It is not our intention to put Autobahn out there as a Sef, but will it link through to Sefs? Absolutely. In the FX options market, for example, we plan to do that. As the markets change, the platform will evolve to meet requirements,” says Amrolia

EuroMoneyFXNews carries full coverage (sorry didn’t get time to read before I published my blog) here

Personal View: The SEF routing and sales trader to client voice collaboration are very much in-line with Caplin’s thinking in this area, and continues to demonstrate how Single Dealer Platforms are innovating, and adapting to continue to be a prime relationship channel through which clients access liquidity, intelligence and through which banks enhance their relationship with clients.

Voice and eTrading collaboration: This is very much inline with the thinking behind the collaboration partnership between Caplin and BT Global Trading, which highlights exactly the same convergence of voice, electronic execution and sales trader functionality.

Here is a very brief video demonstration of the integration (with voice overview of explanation)

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  2. […] In addition to growth of SDPs, there is also a growing demand for FX platforms that provide a combined electronic and voice trade blotter showing all trades, regardless of execution channel. This enables clients to perform aggregation, roll forward and allocation of trades, giving customers greater accessibility and control of their trades. While electronic trading of FX now exceeds voice trading, clients still want voice trading capabilities as part of their overall package — e.g., for emerging markets where platforms might not be able to handle very large tickets in a particular currency. (Caplin post on SDPs combining electronic and voice trades into single blotter here) […]

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