Another FX ECN to launch – FastMatch

Another FX ECN is set to launch later next month, backed by technology from Credit Suisse , and in partnership with FXCM.

FastMatch is a new Electronic Communication Network (ECN) for foreign exchange trading. FastMatch strives to offer its customers access to large pools of diversified liquidity at unparalleled speed with complete transparency in the optimal location.

Dmitri Galinov is Chief Executive Officer at FastMatch, and comes from Credit Suisse, where he was responsibel for the Pathfinder Dark Pool platform.

“FastMatch will revolutionize forex trading by introducing the speed and transparency of equities trading to a diverse set of clients including retail brokers, institutions, banks, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms.”

FastMatch will create a new standard of trading transparency by disseminating platform’s quotes and trades with sizes and prices in real time.

The platform is based on technology from Credit Suisse Crossfinder matching engine, re-tooled and tailored to the needs of the global foreign exchange markets.

Earlier this week, FXCM announced the 50% stake in FX market making firm LucidMarkets, who I assume will become a key liquidity provider for the new FastMatch ECN.

FXCM Press release here

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