EuroMoney 2012 FX Poll Results

The ‘Mighty Deutsche Bank’, has done it again, taking ‘1st place for an impressive 8th consecutive year (2005-12), in the EuroMoney FX Survey rankings.

Key findings:

  • Deutsche take 1st place for 8th consecutive year, but continues to see fall in market share, down to 14.56% (15.64% last year), compared to 21.7% in 2008.
  • Citi makes huge leap, up from 4th to 2nd place with market share of 12.26% (8.88% last year), and up from 7.49% in 2008 (see here for Citi Velocity post)
  • Six of the top ten banks see fall in market share (led by Deutsche)

Here are the top ten ranked Global FX Banks

Color indicates YoY growth, positive or negative

Some charts below

Chart showing changes in market share 2008-12. Citi and Credit Suisse are the biggest winners, whilst Deutsche and UBS are the biggest losers.

Chart shows market share for top 5 banks from 2008-12. The continuing fall in Deutsche in sharp contrast to the upward trend from both Citi and HSBC.

Cumulative share of the groups of banks is little changed over last year, and the gain is almost totally attributable to Citi group’s rise.

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Full EuroMoney FX 2012 survey results available from EuroMoney here

5 Responses

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